Lisa Taylor –

I grew up on Tang, sugary cereal and Saturday morning cartoons. Back when we all walked to school… up hill… both ways… in the snow.

My brother and sisters and I would huddle around the dog in our pajamas drinking what the astronauts drank and manually surfing all 3 to 5 channels for cartoons.

We’d get jacked up on candy-coated oats singing “I’m Just a Bill” and learning “Conjunction Junction”, watching Johhny Quest and Hadji get saved by Race once again, and then we’d settle in for some good old fashion super-hero action with the “Superfriends”. 

I love a great backyard cook-out. Nothing beats throwing something on the grill, a great glass of wine, and great company.

I love the fall season, watching football at tailgate parties and re-connecting with friends. I love outdoor concerts, except maybe in September in Texas.

Boating at Lake Travis, taking in a sunset cocktail and some great local band anywhere. Sitting in Royal Memorial Stadium on a crisp fall Saturday is a little slice of heaven. I love wearing shoes that women compliment me on, having a great conversation with friends and my cat.

I love spreading the NY Times out across the coffee table on Sunday mornings and spending three hours reading every single word.

I like to spend weekends exploring the hill country, going to vineyards, doing wine tastings, antique shopping in Fredricksburg. I love to country dance with someone who knows what they are doing, or sit and watch a great 80’s cover band while I bang my head and sing along to every song!
I am a bit of a dichotomy in the way I live life..and participate in it. I work in a male dominated field, and am a bit of a tomboy…but I have a penchant for high heels and good wine. I am a huge fan of college football…and yes, I love love love those Horns!

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